We came, we saw...

dominica by csevenm

the third highlight of twenty-sixteen - visiting Dominica in the middle of rainy season


I've said it once and I'll say it again. Dominica is awesome and pretty and fun and sunny and so good for me that I definitely want to go back (for good).

It is truly awesome there, the food, the view, the people, the sea, the sand, the rum punch, the sunrise, the sunset, the crayfish, the lobster, the market, the pineapples, the pears (also known as avocado pears), the watermelon, the coconuts, the hurricane (haha just a little storm really), the list is endless.


It had been over a decade since I last visited Dominica. I had landed at sunset and the view of Dominica by moonlight, on the drive to Gran's house, sparked a anticipation of excitement that I had not experienced in a very long time.

After all of the upheaval of twenty-sixteen, spending over a month in the Caribbean had given me defined clarity and direction not to mention a great tan. Lazy days in the sunshine with no responsibilities or commitments had been the best thing for me and I'm really excited about what comes next.

Make sure to come back and follow my progress.

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